Monoton MT-1

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A sound design for selective consumers, the MONOTON MT-1 system is active, modular and adaptive, meaning that every unit is identical and contains an amplifier, a WiFi and Bluetooth unit, a wireless pairing unit and a computer. This allows for automatic pairing and continuous software and feature updates via the firmware. MT–1’s are heavy-duty designs meant to be moved around. While the sealed enclosure packs a good low-end punch, the weight and soft silicone enclosure make them sit tight, wherever you place them. The signature handles sets the MT-1’s at a convenient 11° listening angle, allowing for flexible use on any surface or height. Power and volume are combined into a single potentiometer, and integrated into the handle right where the thumb is on the handle. Its exterior is a sealed high-density MDF enclosure with an outer silicone rubber shell. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interior Elements

Red Dot

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