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Back pain is without doubt one of the most common disorders in the global working population, with many people paying the price for their sedentary jobs. Bearing that in mind, the strong enthusiasm for ergonomics research and aspirations to develop suitable seating furniture are unsurprising. Moon is a chair that not only offers the advantages of active posture, but also boasts minimalist design and natural colours that harmoniously blend into any home or work scenario. In the process of creating this ambitious monocoque chair, the designers initially focused on the development of the main material. They opted for polypropylene in a very precisely balanced thickness to enable the chair to oscillate naturally without the need for joints or mechanics. The thickness of the polypropylene varies at different points to ensure durability and adaptability to the body weight of different users, and neoprene pads have been added to the seat and knee supports. Neoprene is a soft and non-deformable material that favours the decompression of loads. “This is a new and very active way of sitting. Posture with the knees bent and supported lightens the load on the spine. Also, the gentle oscillation movement is pleasant, and the chair offers various sitting position options. Moon keeps the user in perpetual motion. It’s a very interestingly constructed and ergonomic product,” commented the jury. The designers obviously had comfort in mind, yet they also believe that an upright posture provides the additional benefits of boosting concentration and promoting social interaction. They aimed to develop a product with holistic benefits that enhance both physical and mental well-being. Reflecting Scandinavian design principles, Moon has an almost weightless appearance with purist and gentle yet dynamic lines. It can also be flexibly and harmoniously integrated into various office or home environments since the colour of the shell and the fabric upholstery of the pads are customisable.

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