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Moorgen Smart Remote Control

Moorgen Smart Remote Control | Red Dot Design Award

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Stages of comfort

Intelligent houses not only adapt to the general conditions in the form of light, heat and fresh air supply. They also serve and function as part of a far-reaching notion of adaptability to the needs, moods and habits of their inhabitants. The smart remote control by Moorgen delivers a new form and functionality that goes hand in hand with a sophisticated operating concept. Showcasing a design with softly curved lines that lend it a sculptural appearance, it is ergonomically shaped and rests well-balanced in the hands of users. It is made of high-quality materials and possesses a smooth surface texture that is highly pleasing to the touch. The remote control offers a differentiated way of directly controlling processes in the house, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning and the TV. Moreover, in an intuitive manner, it also allows users to set and individually customise different scene modes. As a result, users can realise unified control of various processes simultaneously with only one click. For example, activating the audiovisual mode can be programmed to not only turn on the audiovisual equipment, but at the same time also gradually dim the light and slowly close the curtains. The content and size of the text on the remote control can be customised to user needs and even engraved on the factory side according to specific user habits.

Statement by the Jury

Its simple and detailed design lends the smart remote control by Moorgen a modern and distinctive personality. The user-friendly concept goes hand in hand with a high degree of convenience, as the freely programmable preset modes provide intuitive, unified control of everything in the house. This remote control rests perfectly balanced in the hand and captivates users with the soft and sensuous appeal of the control elements.

Red Dot Design Award

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