Motorola razr

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Form and revelation

Thanks to their iconic design and functionality, mobile phones by Motorola have become a synonym for flip phones that allowed the display to be folded down after use to cover the keyboard. The design of the Motorola razr redefines this design by combining it with the intelligent technology of modern smartphones. Featuring a large foldable touchscreen, this phone rests perfectly in the hand. Its robust housing is an optimised protective construction made of stainless steel and 3D gorilla glass. Due to the design with a patented zero-gap hinge, the two halves of the razr close flush to one another and protect the internal 6.2" pOLED HD main display. When folded, the hinge curves the screen into a teardrop shape to prevent creasing. In order to keep the silhouette elegant and sleek, all internal components were re-engineered to fit the smaller space. In addition, the razr also features an external 2.7" gOLED touch display that enables users to access the phone functions quickly and easily to make calls, reply to messages or interact with the Google Assistant without having to open the smartphone. Both displays work together seamlessly. When the phone is flipped open, the internal Flex View display shows users the same content as on the external Quick View display. This allows users to begin a task on one display and continue on the other smoothly without interruption.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Motorola razr mobile phone reinterprets the appearance of classic flip phone models. Elegantly designed, it rests comfortably in the hand and evokes nostalgic memories. Two innovative displays, a large foldable main display on the inside and the external Quick View display, deliver smooth user interaction. The razr thus offers the functionality and convenience of a modern smartphone while retaining the compact size of a traditional flip phone.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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