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Natural balance

Since awareness is rising that preserving the naturalness of food when cooking it has positive effects on general wellbeing, the ways of preparing food are reinterpreted accordingly. The design of the Motus ceramic cookware focused on the use of natural materials, high user comfort and practical functionality based on the technical abilities of modern technology. The body of the pots is made of premium ceramic by Neoflam, a material that is highly durable and exudes a luxurious appearance. The natural material has neutral properties for cooking, is easy to clean and convenient in use. In addition, Motus is particularly user-friendly thanks to the novel, uncomplicated ability of using the ceramic cookware for pressure cooking. The sophisticated functionality of the pressure cooker delivers high convenience and easy cleaning. A high degree of safety is provided by the tilting function applied to the handle so that the pressure can be adjusted automatically if too high. In addition, the glass lid allows the pressure cooker to be also used like a regular cooking pot. Thanks to its elegant, contemporary design in combination with natural materials, this ceramic cookware emotionalises its users – it is highly functional and convenient in everyday use.

Statement by the Jury

The Motus ceramic cookware ensures many advantages for healthy cooking. It is based on natural materials and is outstandingly practical. The innovative ceramic by Neoflam fascinates just as much as the well balanced design idiom. The ergonomic handles made of Bakelite are pleasing to the touch and easy to grab and hold. This excellent, path-breaking product is also perfectly suitable for the trend towards slow cooking.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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