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Pure freedom

The Ancient Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus is one of the first stories about the fascination that flying exerts on man. The MTOsport gyroplane is aimed at delivering a similar, intense experience of flying, which is otherwise somewhat lost in modern aviation. This model merges dynamic sportiness with an emotionalising design. Its elegant design language is fully in harmony with the high-quality materials. This gyroplane is exceptionally light thanks to its innovative construction and the use of carbon fibre for the modular exterior. Optimised also in aerodynamic terms and with a basic empty weight of 245 to 295 kg depending on the equipment, it offers an excellent flight quality. It can be operated intuitively, manoeuvres easily and boasts a powerful Rotax engine that can achieve a maximum speed of up to 185 km/h. Other high-quality features of the gyroplane include its ergonomically sophisticated seating comfort alongside functionally convincing details such as the individually adjustable and optimally adaptable control units. With the many possibilities for individualisation from minimalism up to fully equipped, including even high-end manufactured leather seats with heating and lumbar support, every model is a unique custom-made single copy – for the perfect enjoyment of the intense experiences that the MTOsport gyroplane can deliver.

Statement by the Jury

The highly sensory design of the MTOsport gyroplane is a full success in the art of seduction. It delights with a design of gently curved lines that is complemented in every respect by excellent quality features. All details have been optimally matched. The control units defining the interior are as fascinating as the ergonomically perfect seats. This gyroplane delivers fantastic flight experiences with an impressive open-air feel.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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