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Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre

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Compelling attraction

Mulan Weichang is located in the north-east of Hebei Province and connected to the inner Mongolia grassland. The Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre achieves the goal of reflecting and blending the building harmoniously into the impressive surrounding nature. Inspired by local architecture, the building makes use of local materials including old stone, reused wooden beams and rattan. In harmony with the surrounding landscape, the visitor centre fits seamlessly into the vast nature. The main core of the interior design is the double circled lobby, featuring a construction that is based on a Mongolian yurt as it is typical of the region. In the future, this impressive building is aimed to also serve as the central library for the region. The second floor provides an area for local children to come there to read and play. The Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre thus exerts a strong appeal to the people in the region. In addition, it also offers spacious and open plan areas to accommodate overnight guests. In the sense of a multifunctional space, the centre is aimed at inviting different people to come together. In a compelling manner, the architecture of the Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre visualises the notion of serving as meeting place for people to share different ideas.

Statement by the Jury

This harmonious architecture fits perfectly into the stunning landscape surrounding it. It is an authentic and remarkable epitome of the regional Mongolian architectural style. Visitors immediately feel the intention and the story behind the architecture, as the building virtually seems to have absorbed it. The use of natural and local materials is equally inspiring, as are the compelling interior light scenarios.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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