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MyGloryTimes | Red Dot Design Award

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This mobile app by Deutsche Post, developed for iOS devices, sorts existing images automatically and arranges them according to time and location in a photo diary, which can then be printed as a book. Operating the app is especially user-friendly while privacy protection of personal data is ensured. Upon the user’s command, additional data regarding location or weather can be added to complement the entries. These personal memory sets of special times can be completely edited. Thereby, a unique photo diary can be created within a few clicks, and, if desired, printed and sent to the user as a DIN A4 hardcover book.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Deutsche Post AG, Bonn
  • Design:
    Cosalux GmbH, Offenbach
  • Managing Director:
    Alexander Coelius
  • Project Management:
    Alex Besparis
  • Creative Direction:
    Sven Kunkel
  • User Interface/Motion Design:
    Stanko Beronja
  • Technical Project Leadership:
    Thomas Einsporn (Back-End), Dirk Hehrmann (Front-End), Frauke Altin (Front-End)
  • Technical Realisation:
    Reiner Hoppe, Peter Kurzok, Martin Spindler, Duran Alp, Manuel Barkhau
  • Art Director Digital (Web):
    Timothy Simms
  • Technical Realisation (Web):
    Georg Patezas
MyGloryTimes | Red Dot Design Award
MyGloryTimes | Red Dot Design Award
MyGloryTimes | Red Dot Design Award