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Perception in video conferencing is delineated by the options and the quality of how information can be exchanged. Neat Board unites the complete Zoom Rooms package in one elegant-looking device. Equipped with a 65" multi-touch screen, a powerful audio system and a 4K UHD wide-angle camera, it delivers an immersive Zoom Rooms experience. By enabling annotations and whiteboarding options, the system goes beyond familiar video meetings and wireless content sharing. Neat Board has been designed to functionally integrate all the elements needed for contemporary video conferencing via Zoom. It offers a high degree of flexibility and freedom to collaborate in teams. Moreover, having only one cable and a choice of either a floor stand with optional wheels, wall mount or table stand, the system is easy to set up. This is complemented by a sensual approach to interaction, as Neat Board responds to the presence of conference participants and automatically wakes up the moment someone walks into the room. Simply, with just a tap of the finger, the screen can be shared, a meeting started or something marked up. The generously dimensioned multi-touch screen is also perfect for making notes, organising thoughts and providing quick visual feedback – regardless of whether the participants in a meeting are physically in the room or present on video.

Statement by the Jury

Extending the options within the Zoom platform, Neat Board offers a flexible way of interacting through a single elegantly designed device. Within the Zoom Rooms system, conference participants can annotate or provide quick visual feedback via a generously dimensioned 65" multi-touch screen. The added whiteboarding option is highly convenient. Overall, Neat Board is highly functional and very easy to set up.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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