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Neiwan Love Story

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Neiwan is a small Taiwanese village surrounded by mountains and full of Hakka atmosphere, a Han Chinese ethnic group with its own culture, language and history. Thanks to the Youluo River and its clear water quality, there is a mass propagation of fireflies. In the nights during the end of spring and the beginning of summer, countless of these insects are dancing in the sky, making Neiwan famous for firefly watching from a drawbridge. The poster series “Neiwan Love Story” promotes six tourist sites including the police station, the train station, the theatre and old streets with their characteristics, and is complemented by six titles and appropriate slogans to enhance the image of the city and add a sense of joy. Featuring an ingenious style with strong, bright colours, the posters manage to present a vivid image of Neiwan. The illustrations visually match the attractiveness of the village, making its still landscapes and urban places come to life in a striking manner. In addition to the six posters, a map of Neiwan was created to serve as a guidebook.

Statement by the Jury

This poster series convinces with the powerful style of the illustrations that skilfully merge the nostalgia surrounding the promoted sites in the Taiwanese city of Neiwan with contemporary elements of pop culture. Each of the six motifs is entirely self-sufficient, conveying the message effectively and featuring many details that are fun to explore.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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