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#NEXTGen 2020 – Reset the Mindset

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How can people be addressed with a corporate event in a time when you are no longer allowed to meet anyone in person? In view of this challenge, the BMW event format #NEXTGen was initiated as an unusual streamcast experience, for which a studio at BMW Welt in Munich was designed and combined with a custom-built LED stage. On this stage, a wide variety of formats such as world premieres or talk shows with prominent faces could be produced in one place. In addition, the virtual production technology was used to stage unique and exciting product presentations to address different target groups at the same time. As a multipurpose set-up, this offered a high degree of flexibility and allowed the attitude and feel of BMW to be communicated in a new way, as well as a variety of details about the technology of a new car, a virtual visit to the factory and even a Netflix-style series. The result was a total of six formats that were discursive, self-critical, informative and entertaining, creating a fascinating collage of information and innovative thoughts through the unusual feel and aesthetics of the productions.

Statement by the Jury

With this digital event, BMW proves par excellence that brand communication today must professionally serve all media channels by offering customised formats for different target groups. Technically and conceptually, #NEXTGen 2020 defines what is avant-garde today by taking an approach that simultaneously covers intellectual, entertaining and exciting aspects. In the studio at BMW Welt, a kaleidoscope of productions has been created that are sensational and unique.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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