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Mobility of the future

As one of the most important pillars of international energy conversion, electromobility offers far-reaching opportunities for the future. NIO Power is a comprehensive electric vehicle power supply service system that pushes the boundaries in this area. The aim of the concept is to make the topic of electromobility suitable for everyday use and to combine it with a new kind of user experience. Thus, it comprises Power Swap, a charging solution that allows the batteries of the electric SUV NIO ES8 to be replaced within three minutes. Furthermore, Power Mobile is a mobile service system that allows driving distances of up to 100 km after just ten minutes of charging. Last but not least, there is the NIO Power Home charging station that follows the idea of “just plug in and charge”. Ready for use immediately and intuitively, this station sets new standards with its well-balanced design language and gentle lines. Its key element, the iconic “power core”, looks almost as if levitating and features a distinctive cover aimed at expressing the principle of “Open Solidity”. This is complemented by dynamic lighting with evolving colours that communicate the status of charge – a process that fascinates with a vibrant, shimmering and reflecting pattern and which lends the charging process an almost organic appearance and human touch. The availability of the services nearby can be checked on the Internet, ensuring a high degree of user-friendliness.

Statement by the Jury

The NIO Power Home vehicle charging station captivates with its coherent design idiom. It boasts clarity and elegance, while also distinguishing itself by high-quality materials. As part of a comprehensive, innovative concept of electromobility, it stands for excellent user-friendliness and a reliable power supply service. Its iconic design is as fascinating as the charging process and appeals to the senses through a vibrant light display visualising the status of charge.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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