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In the field of audio engineering, ribbon microphones are often considered the purest of studio microphones. Their high sound quality is ranked above all due to their special reproduction quality and fast transient response, such as with the plucking sound of a guitar string. By placing the ribbon motor separate to the microphone body, the NTR microphone adopts a distinctive and self-evident design vocabulary. This new construction approach has led to a structural geometry of minimalist appearance in the ribbon motor’s rejection zone, which in turn delivers maximum transparency around the ribbon and minimises resonance. The motor itself is coupled to the body by a special suspension so effective that the microphone requires no external shock mounting in studio conditions. In addition, this new ribbon microphone pairs the ribbon to an ultra-low noise transformer that features low impedance and delivers a high output. The NTR is built with premium-quality active electronic components. It can be used with a wide range of different preamps and, unlike other ribbon microphones, eliminates the need for any additional gain. Sonically, it offers excellent sound accuracy as well as precise reproduction of delicate high-frequency detail. A fascinating design that also captivates the eyes with an impressive appearance of classic elegance.

Statement by the Jury

Lending the NTR ribbon microphone its distinctive elegant lines was facilitated through the innovation of placing the ribbon motor outside the microphone case. Its impressive sculptural appearance is complemented by sonically outstanding reproduction accuracy that captures high frequencies precisely and authentically. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art electronic components, the NTR is suitable for use in many recording setups as it does without the need for additional gain requirements.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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