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Using headphones also signifies creating a private sphere, as it can serve to shield oneself from the outside world. The highly innovative nuraphone headphones impress with the extraordinary feature of adapting the playback to the user’s individual hearing. This is made possible by automatically monitoring and measuring the so-called otoacoustic emissions (OAE), that is the acoustic reverberation of the inner ear, using a test that is otherwise performed to calculate the anatomy of the ear canal. This allows the sound reproduction to be calibrated automatically within 60 seconds and customised optimally to the user’s hearing. Once adapted, users can listen to and enjoy their favourite music in outstanding audio quality and thanks to Qualcomm aptX HD either via Bluetooth or a universal wired connection. Another special formal and technical innovation of nuraphone is that it is both an in-ear and over-ear headphone at the same time. Featuring the novel inova architecture, it delivers a rich bass that can be felt, while also maintaining crystal clear musical details. This is facilitated by splitting the melodic sounds of the music to an in-ear speaker and the controllable bass sounds to an over-ear tactile driver that delivers the sound through the skin. The nuraphone headphones thus not only offer a novel, personalised approach towards listening to music. They also invite users to individually adjust the level of immersion – creating a feel like they are at a live concert.

Statement by the Jury

The nuraphone headphones promote a remarkably novel listening experience thanks to the automatic adaptation of the sound reproduction to the individual user. Boasting exciting technical innovations, the concept has been implemented to impressive effect. These headphones are also highly comfortable and are made of durable high-quality materials. Combining the advantages of an in-ear and an over-ear headphone, they ensure unlimited listening pleasure.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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