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Integrated harmoniously

The appearance of urban spaces and architecture is decisively characterised by the associated lighting concepts. Since a coherent overall impression also plays a key role, lighting has become an integrated element in outdoor planning. When designing the NYE range of lightings, which includes a pouf, a wall lamp and a bollard lamp, the focus was on coming up with a simple yet clearly recognisable design. This outdoor lamps are intended not only to blend in easily into many urban environments, but also to enrich them at the same time. In addition, featuring balanced proportions and a style based on the maxims of Nordic design, this lamps also integrate well into contemporary architectures. When designing NYE, the fact that light pollution has come more and more into focus was taken into consideration. The lamps respond to this issue by adapting a construction that showcases two light wedges. This makes the light emerge from the lighting body on two sides. Sent downwards and out in two fans, the light thus effectively illuminates paths and squares without emitting more light than necessary. Made of weathering steel, hot-dip galvanised steel or powder-coated steel, this outdoor lightings are highly functional and easy in maintenance. The bollard lamp of the series is available in two sizes, 60 cm and 90 cm. Based on a sustainability-oriented design, the lamps are manufactured to be split up easily at the end of their lifecycle and all individual parts to be recycled effectively.

Statement by the Jury

This outdoor lamp range achieve that special kind of purism which convinces at first glance. It showcases a neutral appearance and can therefore be set up in a wide variety of settings. In terms of aesthetics and function very well-thought-out, the light is emitted from two sides to effectively yet discreetly illuminate the surroundings. Another fascinating aspect of the sophisticated overall concept is the choice of materials, which guarantee high durability.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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