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In a world marked by accelerating mobility, carrying drinking liquids and food has become a familiar sight. The One-o-One travel mug was created in response to this trend, featuring a design that aims at realising the maxims of purity and clarity. The design idiom of this travel mug is inspired by the silhouette of the tallest skyscraper in Taipei. Made by hand, it fascinates users with its geometrical patterns created by embossing the mug surface with different textures. This interchange lends the mug not only a pleasing tactile surface but also improved grip. One-o-One is made of ceramic enriched with white tourmaline minerals that are neutral to taste. In addition, this mineral also features physical properties conducive to the user’s health: the mineral crystals carry an electrical charge when subjected to heat and release nega-tive ions that help purifying any liquid or food content kept inside the mug. The good thermal insulation property of this ceramic is further enhanced by a cav-ity between the outer and inner surfaces. Available in black and white as well as fresh pastel colours, the clear timeless design of the One-o-One travel mug fascinates as an indispensable and welcome companion in the fast-moving pace of daily life.

Statement by the Jury

The purist design idiom of One-o-One visualises its fundamental principle of simple, clear beauty. Manufactured of high-quality ceramics, the travel mug is the result of high craftsmanship, making it perfectly suitable for the transportation of liquids and foods. It is highly functional and maintains the interior temperature for long. Its high quality is further underlined by an embossed surface that is particularly pleasing to the touch.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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