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One Second

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The film ad for tyre manufacturer Goodyear Dunlop tells the story of a race driver, skilfully staged with flashbacks in the plot. The driver has fallen behind in a night race and his last chance to secure the lead is to overtake at a crucial curve. While he is focusing on this one deciding moment, he remembers all the big and small things in his life that fuelled him and made him who he is. The film is presented in quick cuts alternating between the present action and the memory of scenes from the driver’s childhood, his first successes, defeats and dreams he has of life. This atmosphere and tension is further enhanced by using footage shot with different cameras: Super 8, GoPro and 16 mm. As the speed and drama increase, the driver finally manages to overtake the two competitors and cross the finish line first. The message that one can succeed, if one only stays on something and perseveres by giving everything, is also taken up by the final claim “Forever Forward”.

Statement by the Jury

The film ad “One Second” is captivating from the very first moment and holds this excitement to the very end. It is the high quality of the shots, cuts, the production and the sound that captivate all senses of the viewer, offering a moving experience. The story and the message thus create a lasting impression.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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