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A Natural Extension of the Body

The word exoskeleton makes many people think of a foreign body, but these assistance systems are already revolutionising the relevant sectors, such as the automotive industry, logistics, and train, ship and aircraft maintenance. Exoskeleton technology often means a major breakthrough for companies and their employees. This is because exoskeletons not only improve productivity but also make physically challenging work safer and more comfortable to perform. The Ottobock Shoulder exoskeleton was developed by Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons in cooperation with the Dresden University of Technology. It significantly reduces the strain on the shoulder muscles and joints during strenuous overhead work, while feeling like a natural extension of the body. This new-generation exoskeleton incorporates the experience of several thousand users. The waist belt has been redesigned to offer greater comfort and better load distribution. The exoskeleton has an intuitive, colour-coded interaction concept for more efficient handling, easy-to-clean surfaces and removable, washable textile to ensure hygiene on a daily basis. The Ottobock Shoulder is remarkably simple to use, It can be put on in a matter of seconds and adjusts to the wearer’s size and body shape. Thanks to its uncomplicated handling and comfortable fit, the product soon feels like a natural extension of the body. “This exoskeleton reduces stress on shoulder muscles and joints by over 40 per cent. Another interesting aspect is how quickly the user can put it on, and the unisex design,” praised the jury. Various add-ons, such as a neck support or a fire-resistant jacket for welding work, make Ottobock Shoulder an excellent and simple solution for many everyday work situations, bringing genuine relief to people in jobs involving heavy physical work.

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