Out of Bounds

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Children find it easier than adults to enter a make-believe space and treat their imagined world as a playground. An imagined, make-believe world is more of an internalised coping mechanism and an escape from reality. Out of Bounds examines what exactly facilitates play, and what kind of spaces can help the mind enter a make-believe world more easily. It aims to help adults tap into their imaginative headspace through digital immersion and colourful patterns. Out of Bounds uses a form of ‘play’ based on a 2D and 3D visual narratives, and employs an abstract interpretation of the make-believe space to transition it from playground to screen. Digital print and embroidery illustrate multiple levels of immersion in both digital and make-believe spaces. The textile patterns on Out of Bounds are designed using a Google Tilt Brush, allowing the designer to use the digital world as a portal to make-believe worlds. The textile patterns are then turned into a collection of dress-up garments, purposefully oversized to evoke a greater sense of play. The neoprene garment is a space for the body to operate but also functions as a make-believe space for the user. Some garments have crayon outlines or solid coloured backs to mimic paper-doll cut-outs. Out of Bounds garments can be transformed from 2D to 3D with the accompanying augmented reality app. Using an iPad, 3D drawings created with the Tilt Brush can be projected from the garments, allowing the viewer to also step into an imaginary space. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Fashion

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