Paiova 5

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The symbiosis of a corner bathtub and a free-standing bathtub with differently sloping backrests offers a choice between an upright seating position and relaxed reclining. The pentagonal shape is created by turning a wall-hugging version into the room, which opens up towards the user, as it were. The bathtub entry is slightly lower with an overall height of 580 mm compared to the customary 600 mm. The narrow bathtub rim is well suited to hold on. On the wall side a broad rim provides convenient shelf space. Owing to the different side lengths both tall and small people can support themselves by propping up their feet against the wall of the bathtub.

Statement by the Jury

The pentagonally shaped bathtub impresses as it meets high standards of aesthetics and comfort. In addition, it fulfils the requirements for safety while bathing.

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