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Garden umbrellas evoke images of a special ambiance and are generally associated with sitting in the shade on a sunny day, maybe on a beach near the sea. PALMA seamlessly ties in with such associations. This garden umbrella was designed with the objective of reflecting the various ways of relaxing in the shade in its form and functionality. At first glance, it impresses with a minimalist language of form, yet maintains an overly solid impression. Equally luxurious and purist in appearance, the umbrella is marked by the fact that there are no visible mechanical details interfering with its overall clear lines. Based on a patented concept, the opening and closing mechanism contained within remains completely hidden. At the same time, this delivers very high user convenience. A single lifting action suffices to activate the mechanism in the base for driving a pneumatic strut innovatively integrated into the shaft. This makes the canopy either open or close automatically in an elegant movement. This also eliminates the need, as with conventional models, to stand right under the umbrella and wrestle to open or close it, as the mechanism sets in motion almost by itself. The design of PALMA has thus emerged as an impressive unity of aesthetic inspiration and mechanical innovation – the garden umbrella is reinterpreted through lending it a highly elegant appeal.

Statement by the Jury

This garden umbrella fascinates with an overly eye-catching, minimalist language of form, as well as a cleverly integrated, innovative functionality that is truly special and astounding. The formally integrated, pneumatic mechanism allows easy, automatic opening and closing of the canopy. Complemented by a beautifully coordinated colour concept, the PALMA garden umbrella is highly convincing and enriches the ambiance at any time.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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