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Papembood® is a sustainable material made by overlapping coloured pulp from recycled cardboard (the heart) and thinly-cut bamboo wood (the skin). The material was born out of the desire to create furnishing elements with an aesthetic appearance and a distinct design, as well as high mechanical resistance and sturdiness. These multilayer panels provide good performance while remaining environmentally friendly in their manufacturing process. The coloured pulp paper is made from recycled cardboard typically used in packaging, which is overproduced for e-commerce trade. It employs a paper recycling process that allows waste to be reused with the same production water. Bamboo veneers are sheets of wood veneer made from the bamboo plant. This plant grows quickly with little water and no pesticides, and matures much faster than trees, thereby aiding in the control of deforestation. At the end of an object's lifespan, anything made with Papembood® is also highly recyclable. The three factors that determine the final appearance of Papembood® are the cardboard colours, the type of surface finish, and the thickness of the panels. Combining and permuting these variables can result in many variations. While meeting consumers’ needs with a limitless range of colours and thicknesses that allow for customisation, it also appeals to global companies looking for finer materials, sophisticated craftsmanship, cost savings in mass production, and faster production speed. The bonding process between the different layers of Papembood® is similar to that of multilayer wood panels but outperforms the latter. The mechanical and physical tests performed on the panels revealed that Papembood® has better or similar properties to materials made of paper/wood and resin, but with a lower density and greater elasticity. Furthermore, unlike paper/wood and resin, these panels can be easily disassembled and recycled, allowing paper to generate even more paper in the Papembood® circular economy. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Sustainability

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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