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Peace One Day: A New Symbol of Hope

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95 per cent of all acts of violence happen in homes, in schools and at work. Individual intervention is therefore of utmost importance and has the potential to make a difference even for world peace. To raise awareness that everyone has the power to create peace, a new logo was designed for the non-profit organisation Peace One Day. To this end, the globally recognisable, iconic peace symbol was taken as a template, yet changed to striking effect through a minimal intervention: one of its pieces was taken out and positioned outside the rest of the emblem. Symbolically, this expresses that the actions we take can contribute to bringing us closer, step by step and piece by piece, to the organisation’s goal of building peace one day. The new logo offers great scope in its design as well as a variety of possible applications. It is easily recognisable and, being based on the universal peace symbol, also reflects the idea to be understood globally across all nationalities, cultures, creeds and genders.

Statement by the Jury

The distinctive feature of the new logo for the non-profit organisation Peace One Day is that it is based on the world-famous peace symbol and at the same time goes beyond it by projecting an instantly understandable and self-explanatory meaning. The design convinces with its formal simplicity and is complemented by the use of plain blue and white colour signifying hope in order to convey the message of the organisation in an even more pointed manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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