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Peeping Tom

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This animation tells the story of the optometrist Tom. He has the ability and likes to discover secrets buried deep inside people’s hearts while doing his job, examining eyes. The story however takes a special turn when he falls in love with his neighbour Ann. This is problematic for him because he is just so desperately eager to understand her inner world that he ends up losing grip on reality. The story draws its suspense essentially from an experience that some people have had when visiting an optometrist: seeing the image of a mysterious red house in the eye refractometer. The animation appeals to the audience in a subtle and highly sophisticated way since it is perfectly conceivable for the beholder that there is an unfathomable place, somewhere in the depths of the refractometer.

Statement by the Jury

“Peeping Tom” impresses with its sophisticated storyline. Suspenseful from the very first second, the story of this animation stays mysterious and is constantly developing. It furthermore possesses surreal qualities that captivate the audience. The way in which the characters’ emotions are expressed is particularly skilful. The soundtrack accompanying the animation is thrilling and brings the story to life.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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