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Children grow very quickly, especially in the first two years of their life. Their rapid growth results in garments fitting and being used for short time periods. Petit Pli creates clothes that grow with children to bridge this period and reduce waste. These garments are both aesthetically beautiful and highly innovative. They are designed to grow with children aged nine months to four years, spanning seven discrete sizes. Thus, they serve as a continuous companion in a child’s development. The “one size fits all” concept of Petit Pli is made possible because these garments are embedded with a patent-pending structure, allowing children unparalleled freedom of movement. Petit Pli suits are lightweight, rainproof and can easily be machine-washed. On account of children between nine months and four years playing and moving around a lot, these garments have a breathable rainproof coating. Because of the garments’ special structure, it is amazing how they allow being pulled to the right size in two directions as needed. The clothes thus adapt to the current size of the child over a longer period, avoiding being either too big or too small. Petit Pli has been developed, above all, in response to a widespread throwaway culture as well as unethical practices synonymous with the fast fashion industry. Moreover, the aim of the design is to convey the value of longevity and innovation in clothing in the next generation – inspiring, instilling and planting the seed for slower consumption behaviours.

Statement by the Jury

The fascinating concept of growing clothes offers parents of toddlers a highly functional and child-friendly alternative. Made from an innovative material, these smart and lightweight garments can adapt to the growth of children across seven different sizes. Moreover, they are comfortable to wear, breathable and easy to wash in machines. In the often little sustainable fashion industry, they embody an innovative product solution.

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