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Bags or backpacks made of all manner of recycled materials are currently very trendy, because they allow users to demonstrate their individuality and environmental awareness. In this category, the Pháin backpack bag is a delightful new interpretation that is bound to attract many envious glances. It is made of unprinted cement bags in their original colour – a material that has to be tough to fulfil its primary function. These bags consist of thick kraft paper on the outside and, on the inside, are made of durable and tear-resistant, glued PP-woven fabric. The particular aesthetic appeal of these backpack bags lies in the combination of a seemingly rough material with the expressive design of the straps. Heavy-duty slings commonly used by cranes are used as surprisingly functional adjustable straps on the back. The brass buckles used to adjust the straps have been arranged to reflect the nature of a construction site on which this idea was based. At the same time, the pockets give the backpack the appearance of an accessory. Another aspect of the originality of the backpack bag’s design is its particular shape. Inspired by the functionality of diving bags, it is open at the top and can be opened and closed by folding over the top edge. In this way the Pháin backpack bag keeps thieves at bay, but nonetheless ensures that everything inside can quickly be found.

Statement by the Jury

In an extraordinary way, Pháin turns cement bags into desirable fashion objects. These backpack bags are functional, durable and comfortable to wear. The colour and detailing are well matched and ensure Pháin is an eye-catching accessory. Thanks to a committed design concept, the idea of sustainability is conveyed in an attention-grabbing manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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