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Philips MR5300

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Comfort creates trust

Patient comfort is crucial for MRI examinations, as it is much easier for patients to lie still inside the bore when they are able to relax, which in turn has a direct impact on image quality. This is exactly what the well-considered design concept behind the Philips MR5300 achieves, creating a new benchmark in patient comfort and productivity along the way. In addition to using smart technologies that drastically reduce scan times, great emphasis was also placed on the user experience throughout the examination procedure. The large 70-cm opening of the bore, the atmospheric ambient light and the wide reclining surface of the examination table establish trust in the technology from the outset. All the coils and connectors are exceedingly light and compact so that the patient barely feels them on the body. In this context, the problem of loose cables has also been solved in an exemplary manner. They have been tidied away in channels inside the comfortable mattress. The table is designed so that images can be taken feet-first or head-first, making for short changeover times between examinations. The scanner’s aesthetic is based on the overarching design concept of the Philips brand’s MR systems, with the spherical construction giving it a friendly appearance whilst also visually reducing the size of the device.

Statement by the Jury

The design concept behind the Philips MR5300 combines state-of-the-art technology and outstanding comfort with a consistent emphasis on user well-being. Numerous details such as the straightforward cable management system and flexible patient positioning make for a smooth workflow and significantly contribute to increasing the productivity of the scanner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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