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Philips Ultinon Pro9000

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Pioneering light performance

Since their introduction, LED light sources have become an integral part also of car headlight design. Headlights have long been more than just a source of light; as a striking symbol, they are deeply integrated into the brand identity of automotive manufacturers and thus represent an unmistakable icon, especially at night, when only their light is visible in the darkness. With a light that is up to 250 per cent brighter and whiter compared to the minimum legal requirement, the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 headlight bulb defines a new standard in retrofit LED lamps. Equipped with high-quality TopContact LED chips, it delivers an optimised uniform light beam that generates less heat and improves visibility but without creating dazzle that could otherwise blind oncoming vehicles. The compact format is compatible with a wide range of vehicle models. With its dynamic design and titanium-coloured one-piece body, the Ultinon Pro9000 communicates a high level of technology and performance. Thanks to the built-in driver and tool-free adapter ring, this headlight bulb is quick and easy to install. Due to the colour temperature of up to 5,800 kelvins, it offers maximum comfort for the eyes and, in addition to its excellent performance, also more safety in road traffic.

Statement by the Jury

The Philips Ultinon Pro9000 headlight bulb is an excellent example of successful industrial design. Due to the constant advancement of the technologies and the components used, this bulb goes beyond its predecessor model in terms of light stability and colour temperature. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it offers impressive light quality and performance, enhancing the safety not only of the driver but also that of other road users.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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