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Phonak Virto Marvel Black

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Changing shape

Five per cent of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss or some form of hearing impairment. However, on average, hearing impaired people tend to wait seven years before they seek treatment. The Virto Marvel Black in-the-ear hearing aid was developed against the backdrop that, despite tremendous technological advances and a growing body of research linking untreated hearing impairment to more severe health conditions, hearing aids are still widely viewed by many as a stigma. Designed specifically for a style-conscious target group in the 18 to 56 age range, this hearing aid blurs the lines between two product genres. The device thus presents itself as a custom-made, fully connected hearing aid that is shaped like modern hearables. It follows the objective of reimagining hearing aids as the high-tech devices they are by embracing the trend towards wireless earbuds. The design merges an elegant and slim shape with innovative hearing aid technology in order to meet the needs of users with even severe hearing loss. Offering wireless connection to iOS, Android and other devices via Bluetooth, it is suitable for both making hands-free phone calls or listening to music for instance. The device delivers the experience of clear and full sound as soon as users turn the aid on and allows them to follow conversations without much effort, even in noisy environments.

Statement by the Jury

Projecting a stylish and concise language of form, the Virto Marvel Black combines the functionality and performance of an in-the-ear hearing aid with the aesthetics of contemporary in-ear headphones. Wearers no longer have the feeling of stigmatisation and instead can enjoy the innovative technology to experience a refreshed sense of life. In addition, the hearing aid features easy connection to iOS, Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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