Photo Table

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In the world of active social media communication, furniture should also play a role in this by providing a platform to display common items. Photo Table is furniture designed for public influencers, allowing their everyday moments to be captured and presented in a unique way. For this furniture to be used as a side display table, it should blend in beautifully with any living space, while serving as a tool to make pictures more. To express your lifestyle, directly record personal collections and crafts on the Photo Table and share the images via social media in an instance. Designed to function as a photo box, several features are important. The LED light on top illuminates the object. The walls of the frame are composed of semi-transparent PET to capture various angles. Additionally, the curved white background facilitates hiding of outlines, allowing the object to stand out. The background itself is also interchangeable. Flat packing was considered in the design of the Photo Table and each pipe can be assembled with a minimum number of bolts. Moreover, PET panels can be easily interchanged with a simple clip-fix method. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Furniture

Red Dot

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