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Poki | Red Dot Design Award

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Poki is an online playground for free games. Its aim is to become the platform for play, serving game developers, players and advertisers around the world. The new company website was designed to share this ambition with its mixed audience. Thus, the concept of a company website was fused with a web game – the quintessence of Poki’s forthcoming playground. It is a creative example of “walk the talk”, because the website engages visitors in line with Poki’s values: playful, smart and funky. The result is a truly playful touchpoint that reflects the company’s mission, while simultaneously resonating with all of its users.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Poki, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Poki Amsterdam, Netherlands Resoluut, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Creative Direction:
    Ramon Schreuder Poki
  • Art Direction:
    Otto Treffers Resoluut
  • Game Engineering:
    Kasper Mol Poki
  • Motion Design:
    David Bout Resoluut
  • Interaction Design:
    Peter Klaas Vrieswijk Resoluut
  • Front-End Development:
    Timo Sundvik Mikael Toivio Evermade Helsinki, Finland
  • Back-End Development:
    Paul Stewart Evermade Helsinki, Finland
Poki | Red Dot Design Award