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POLA amu

POLA amu | Red Dot Design Award

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A highly consistent colour concept was developed for the packaging design of these three oil fragrances. In matching the product names “amu rouge”, “amu blanc” and “amu herbe” with colours, the fragrance packages feature the hues of red, white and green. The contour of the flacon is already suggested on the cardboard box, and its rounded edges lend the atomiser an elegant appeal. The embossing of the product name on the cap is both a visual highlight and a functional feature to prevent the tubular bottles from rolling.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    POLA INC., Tokyo
  • Design:
    POLA INC., Tokyo
  • creative direction:
    Takeshi Usui
  • art direction:
    Takashi Matsui
  • design team:
    Taishi Ono, Yasuha Michikami