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In forestry work, which has to comply with many strict regulations and is measured against the principle of effectivity, the cost effectiveness of forest machines also plays a central role. The Ponsse Scorpion was conceived with the aim of equally satisfying the demands of user-friendliness, productivity and safety, all at the same time. As a flagship of a new type of forest machines, it impresses with a design that unites all elements required for this type of machine into a harmoniously balanced form language. The product graphics of this harvester have also been well implemented as they not only achieve a strong and distinctive signalling effect when working in the forest, but also possess high recognition value. Another innovation in the area of forest machines is presented by the placement of the operator. The newly interpreted operator’s cabin delivers unrestricted allround visibility of the entire working environment. This augments work safety and allows highly comfortable controllability and intuitive operation of the machine. Since the Scorpion also possesses exceptional driving and standing stability as well as minimum surface pressure, it enables maximised harvesting productivity in terms of both environmental awareness and driver ergonomics. Its design thus impressively manages to lend this type of machine both a new design vocabulary and enhanced functionality, paired with a user-friendliness that also defines a new standard for the future.

Statement by the Jury

Form and functionality are merged in this forest machine into a highly impressive unity. All elements are carefully matched to lend this type of work machine an entirely new appearance. Showcasing a well thought-out operator environment, the harvester offers a high degree of ergonomics and safety. A particularly innovative solution has been realised in the cabin that gives the operator a good all-round vision at all times.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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