Power-Assist Functional Clothing

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As more elderly people suffer from neuromuscular diseases, they will need external power-assistive devices to ensure a better quality of independent living. Power-Assist Functional Clothing helps elderly with their daily upper body movements and assists with rehabilitation training. The vest includes a power layer and a wear layer, which can be separated for cleaning and maintenance. With the help of a flexible transmission system in the power layer, the elderly can easily perform bilateral elbow flexion and extension movements. This is achieved by activating a waist-mounted actuator unit that mobilises the Bowden cables inside. The wear layer is connected to the power layer via zippers, and is integrated with inflatable airbags on the body and elbow. The airbags stabilise the Bowden cables and tighten the vest for a better fit. The airbags at the elbow also protect the elbow when the Bowden cables are moving while cushioning the elbow movements, making the movements smoother and safer for the user. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Bionics

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