Light Fixture with Integrated Ventilation Valve

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The art of integration

For a healthy indoor climate, a constant supply of fresh air is an indispensable element of contemporary architecture. However, usually installed in the ceiling or wall, the devices required for supplying fresh air are often perceived as disturbing the overall ambience of an interior. The “light + ventilation” concept aims to take the aesthetics and functionality of ventilation valves to a new level. Thanks to an impressively integrative design, it combines a high-performance ventilation valve with a high-end luminaire. The light system with its visually reduced cylindrical shape is made of durable anodised aluminium and features a high-end LED and a glass lens. Adjustable horizontally by 360 degrees and vertically by 30 degrees, the luminaire can easily be fitted in any room. Furthermore, it has an IP44 protection rating and is therefore also highly suitable for use in humid environments such as the bathroom. The ventilation valve is perfectly integrated into the design of the luminaire, making it invisible. The fixture offers a high level of functionality and boasts an optimised air extraction performance of up to 50 cbm/h per fixture. It operates silently and is easy to maintain. Functionally and ergonomically very well thought-out, the individual luminaires and the ventilation valves can be intuitively adjusted and thus accurately adapted to the respective situation.

Statement by the Jury

The design of this lighting system is an impressively innovative solution that conclusively merges the functions of luminaire and ventilation valve. Showcasing an elegant cylindrical design language and a distinct high-quality finish, the system integrates perfectly into the architecture. Provided with IP44 protection, it is also well suited for use in the bathroom. Every detail is well thought-out and supports the extremely user-friendly functionality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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