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Public Brewing

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“Public Brewing” is an interactive media facade on the building of the Uerige craft brewery in Düsseldorf, Germany. By means of a rear projection onto the windows of the facade, the project visualises the brewing process, from the crushing of the malt to fermentation and to the bottling of the beer. The way it invites passers-by to engage actively in the process of brewing beer is a central aspect of the concept. When approaching, visitors first only see bored brewery employees running around on the facade. However, they can “activate” the employees and steer the brewing process via a control desk that has operating buttons, pumps and cranks. Thus the users are given the feeling that they are brewing their own beer. After the beer has been virtually bottled, a real bottle, which the people are allowed to take home, appears out of the control desk. The aim of this project is to engage all senses of passers-by at the same time.

Statement by the Jury

Following an impressive approach and with simple cinematographic elements, “Public Brewing” turns the process of brewing beer into an exciting experience. This strong interactive concept encourages viewers to become actively engaged. The complex beer manufacturing process is visualised in a way that is easy to understand and a close relation to the product is established.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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