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Robots can deliver valuable work in the often hectic area of customer service. The PuduBOT has specially been designed to work in restaurants, providing help to waiters and waitresses and, in so doing, help effectively cut labour costs. This robot boasts a very well-balanced design. Gently rounded corners and its high-quality language of form make this robot ideal for use in modern catering environments. The PuduBOT inspires with an outstanding approach toward intelligent interaction. It interacts with diners by voice and shows a variety of friendly-looking facial expressions on its display, lending it charismatic personality. It can move around smoothly and self-reliantly. Being equipped with ultra-wideband positioning, SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), as well as high-precision laser radar technology, make it possible for PuduBOT to navigate with high precision, allowing as many as 100 robots to be used in one single setting. This robot can also adapt to a variety of service tasks thanks to a well thought-out modular design concept. In order to cover different service tasks, it offers freely customisable modules as well as easy-to-clean trays. This ensures that all items from champagne bottles to artistically arranged desserts are always presented in an appropriate, stylish manner. With its premium design implementation and memorable appearance, this robot exudes a futuristic yet charming aura – it redefines the concept of service.

Statement by the Jury

The PuduBOT is a fascinating demonstration of the possibilities of robotics in the service sector. It is highly functional and showcases an elegant appearance. It can be used in restaurants as well as for order delivery in canteens or old people’s homes. Thanks to its aesthetic design, it easily integrates into a wide range of environments. Simple and cost-effective, it embodies a sensible alternative with a pleasing design that also appeals to the emotions.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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