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RandomPuff is a novel puffer that insulates garments with 4D embroidery puffs. When exposed to heat, the puffs expand into domes, trapping air between the wearer and the external environment to keep the body warm. The development entails the creation of a library of dynamic embroidery relationships between “active fibres” and “static fabrics”. This work demonstrates a pipeline for augmenting conventional 2D fabrics into 3D tactile surfaces in order to innovate soft goods with active textiles. This approach is based on the idea of developing textiles that can actively respond to the surroundings or the wearer. The same embroidery parameters were tested on substrates/materials such as cotton, neoprene, organza, and dry oilskin — materials that are lightweight and springy can better support the morphed structure. The embroidery pattern can be programmed using PEmbroidery for stitch-and-line work, or Inkstitch for organic geometries, and the files can be run on any platform, from a home computer to an industrial machine. Using computational design tools, designers and developers can collaborate with end users to create novel textile and soft goods designs that are customisable and sustainable. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Materials and Surfaces

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