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Rapida 106

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Pioneering interpretation

Printing presses have undergone rapid advancements since the 19th century. Step by step, they have been adapted to industrial processes in order to increase performance. The Rapida 106 has been developed and optimised with regard to its speed in offset printing. It impresses with a clear language of form that consistently integrates all elements. Emphasised by the design as a central feature, the innovative modular construction is remarkable. Other objectives had been to reduce complexity, to harmonise the functional elements and to improve overall ergonomics. Embodying a future-oriented design, the complex technology of this printing press was to become more approachable and thus much more user-friendly. The overall appearance of the press and control console is therefore uncluttered, generous and yet consciously restrained. The silver / anthracite colour scheme is accentuated by the striking blue segment with backlit company logo, thus ensuring a high recognition value for the brand. As a further refinement of the manufacturer’s corporate colours, this projects a contemporary and self-reliant image. The digital workflow is optimised for high-speed printing by the use of large touchscreens at both the control console and the units, the main workstations of the printer. High-quality materials such as glass in the fronts of the printing units lend the cutting-edge technology of this printing press a tangible appeal.

Statement by the Jury

The Rapida 106 offset printing press fascinates as a complete system driven by its stringency of design, which is impressively visualised by the clear language of form and the striking colour scheme. Innovative in its modular approach, this printing press makes the entire digital workflow easy to monitor at any time. It is overall safe and comfortable to operate. Large touchscreens allow intuitive machine control and precise monitoring of the print production.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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