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REAL is a safety bollard for pedestrian streets that allows a variety of accessories to be attached, thus simplifying and harmonising pedestrian areas while having a product identity that makes one think of a friendly character welcoming visitors. Cities around the world are looking to improve urban living conditions and create public spaces that are better suited for pedestrian activities to make them safer and more beneficial, both environmentally and economically. Yet, the entrances to these areas often appear neglected. Concrete jerseys, trash bins and temporary signage are used as barriers to delimit the site. The lack of coherent and well-thought-out urban furniture has led to an accumulation of disparate elements that often clutter the space. The utilitarian aspects are overwhelming and have a negative impact on welcoming visitors. REAL was therefore designed to help refurbish pedestrian sites and promote the pedestrianisation of cities, thereby contributing to a more sustainable way of life by delimiting the pedestrian area and making its entrances more identifiable. The design challenge was to create a product that is modular and sturdy enough to block vehicles while still appearing inviting and reassuring. REAL’s identity and semantic expression conjure up images of a friendly character that welcomes visitors. Its name is a diminutive of MontREAL, our city.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Public Space

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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