Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

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Creativity in the Spotlight

Colour and light are both the subject of art and important tools for creating art. As an aid to the creative process, light primarily serves to illuminate and influences colour rendering, which is why creative people like to work in studios flooded with daylight. However, environments without sufficient daylight can cause problems – especially when it comes to small-scale, filigree works and ones where exact colour rendering is essential. The Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp was developed with the aim of creating a lighting solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of creative people who work at tables and are dependent on artificial light. Against this background, the most important criteria were flexible adjustability of the light beam for optimal illumination and ensuring the best possible colour experience. The latter also required the development of special optical lenses, electronic components and LEDs. The R9 Desk Lamp is a long-limbed, minimalist desk lamp made of powder-coated aluminium, whose calm appearance is accentuated only by a red cable. The luminaire head is formed by two independently rotating light elements equipped with high-performance LEDs. They allow the light to be focused on a specific area for maximum illumination or to be distributed evenly over a larger area. With a high colour rendering index and spectacular rendition of red colours (the value for R9, saturated red, is at 98), the R9 Desk Lamp makes colours look natural, appearing as if they were in daylight. Moreover, thanks to the low blue light emission and a flicker-free, no-glare light output, the lamp is easy on the eyes, allowing users to work comfortably for long. “The R9 Desk Lamp is convincing as a tailor-made and in every detail well-thought-out solution to a very specific problem,” said the jury. “Thanks to the clever construction of the luminaire head, it offers maximum flexibility, ensuring that all users can adjust the light to their individual needs. At the same time, with its reduced, linear design and matt black finish, it takes a step back visually in order to direct the focus entirely on the creative work and put it in the right light.”

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