RENÉ, AR glasses for broadway shows

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RENÉ are rentable AR glasses that provide a convenient before and after Broadway show experience, while also maximising audiovisual pleasure during the show. When RENÉ is switched on, it greets you and shows you the best route to the theatre. To reduce queuing time, RENÉ offers an AR ticket check- in service, and the audience will be guided to their pre-booked seats via AR effects that can be tailored to the theme of each show. A brim-shaped detail on the lens creates an immersive show environment while blocking out distractions. There are four features that make a show more fantastic with RENÉ. To begin, a view magnifier on the right lens allows the user to zoom in for a closer look at the show by physically rotating the lens. Second, an advanced sound control function via bone conduction transducer allows the user to adjust the volume and select distinguishable sound categories, such as the actor’s voice or background music. Third, AR effects allow actors and audiences to interact more closely, blurring the line between stage and audience. Spectacular AR effects are added to the stage via two sensors, two cameras, and double lenses that brighten the actors’ costumes and display visual information that corresponds to their singing and talking. When the show is over, RENÉ will guide the audience from the theatre back to the ticket office. The audience will be reminded to keep the strap as a souvenir before returning the glasses, thereby marking the journey with RENÉ complete. Finally, the soft cushions that support the forehead and nose to reduce facial marks and discomfort are made detachable and can be replaced by new sterile cushions for the next user.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Wearable Technology

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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