Red Dot Design Award
Environmental Design

Repsol – Meaningful Signage

Repsol – Meaningful Signage | Red Dot Design Award

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Against the backdrop of Madrid’s comprehensive urban regulations concerning building signage, the environmental design for the new Repsol headquarters makes intelligent use of the building facade. The vertical panels of the facade were redefined as a narrative medium. A deconstructed wordmark was applied there, using anamor-phic distortion. The environmental design has thus managed to both successfully deliver the message of the brand’s leadership aspirations and lend it a modern, dynamic expression.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Repsol, Madrid
  • Design:
    Interbrand, Madrid
  • creative direction:
    Borja Borrero (Executive Creative Director)
  • art direction:
    Carlos Magro Mtnez-Illescas (Design Director)
  • graphic design:
    David Angulo
  • retail design:
    Sergio Wullich (Retail Director Latin America)
  • project management:
    Oliver Pacht (Senior Project Manager)
  • production:
    Coro Iglesias (Production Manager)
Repsol – Meaningful Signage | Red Dot Design Award