RESEAU, urban water management

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Inspired by the numerous rivers under the island of Montreal, RÉSEAU is an innovative urban storm management system that controls and slows rain, amplifying its sound as it circulates in the inner ducts. It is a collection of prefabricated concrete elements designed to manage rainwater drainage while magnifying its presence. The rainwater is guided by surface textures towards the collection channels or simply trickles into the ground. The inner water duct is designed to produce sound waves that bounce off the duct walls like an acoustic chamber. The overall experience is amplified by the addition of water jets in the duct, which can be activated by motion sensors or temperature gauges that help control the surface temperature of the tiles during heat waves. The channels are dormant during winter. RÉSEAU is endorsed by engineering experts and uses environmentally-friendly materials like UHPGC glass concrete, which has unique physical properties that make it best suited for Montreal’s weather conditions. The entire system is versatile and can be installed using a variety of material and colour combinations. It is compatible with vegetation, lighting and water features too. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Public Space

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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