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REV’IT! Seeflex

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Since motorcyclists are directly exposed to the road, they have to protect their limbs well with special protectors. In particular, accidents with other vehicles and poor motorcycle handling around curves can easily lead to severe consequences. The REV’IT! Seeflex protectors have been designed using state-of-the-art materials and an innovative construction concept that lend new properties to indispensable protective goods. The result are highly functional protectors with the styling of an aesthetic accessory. Showcasing a highly sporting appearance, they blend well with the individual fashion style worn by motorcyclists. This novel aesthetic is complemented by a particularly high wear comfort, even on longer rides. Thanks to the innovative material choice paired with a sophisticated ergonomic design, these protectors can easily adapt to and fit most body sizes. Another aspect is their protective performance, as these protectors comply with the highest possible protection level requirements (EN1621-1:2012 CE Level 2) defined for these types of products. Featuring outstanding ventilation properties that prevent sweating, these protectors are also highly suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, including very high and very low temperatures. Based on a sophisticated design concept, this product has emerged as a reinterpretation of both the safety requirements and aesthetics of motorcycle limb protection. With their sleek design form, they ensure high wearing pleasure.

Statement by the Jury

The REV’IT! Seeflex motorcycle limb protectors deliver the essence of sporting design. An innovative and consistently implemented combination of advanced materials and smart construction has led to a product with outstandingly ergonomic as well as aesthetic properties. These limb protectors satisfy the highest safety standard even under extreme conditions. They offer good ventilation and impress users with their wearing comfort.

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