Revolve Air: The Wheelchair In A New Form

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Revolve Air aims to provide complete independence to all active wheelchair users who commute and travel on a daily basis. It is the world’s first active wheelchair to fit the requirements of a universal cabin luggage size restriction. It ensures less reliance on assistance along the journey, resulting in greater independence and more freedom to travel light and efficiently. This is a real breakthrough that has the potential to liberate wheelchair users. In addition to its unique 24-inch foldable wheels that folds as quickly as a common foldable wheelchair, Revolve Air saves up to 60% more space when folded, making it ideal for airplane trips and similar journeys. This ability to easily store the Revolve Air in a small trunk, the passenger seat of a compact car, or even the overhead baggage hold on an airplane puts it in a class by itself. Revolve Air also aims to provide a revolutionary rental space and rental service to improve wheelchair service in international and national airports worldwide. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Life Science

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