Off-Road Construction Truck


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Maximum Visibility

Construction site dumpers offer an efficient way of transporting large quantities of material. At the same time, however, they are involved in a good third of all transport accidents on construction sites, mainly due to the front load that obstructs visibility when driving forward. To minimise this risk, Mecalac’s design team redesigned the REVOTRUCK from the ground up, based on an intensive on-site analysis that identified visibility as well as stability, material handling and manoeuvrability as problem areas. The central element of this off-road construction vehicle is its continuously rotating cabin. Easily accessible from four sides, the cab rotates at the push of a button, giving the operator an optimal view of the work site without having to manoeuvre. The machine automatically adjusts the driving direction, speed and steering to the current position of the cab. For example, this way, the REVOTRUCK can transport material as a rear tipper and dump it precisely as a front tipper with the cab turned. With regard to high stability, the central connection between the two parts of the chassis allows oscillation of up to 20 degrees. This allows the two oscillating ends to follow the contours of the terrain independently of each other, ensuring stability and traction. The innovative chassis is completed by four equally sized wheels with a switchable steering (front steering, all-wheel steering and crab steering), which enable agile work in the tightest of spaces. “The REVOTRUCK is impressively multifunctional and shows quasi-transformational characteristics for safer material transport,” the jury praised the new functional concept. Above all, however, they were impressed by the successful design implementation: “No matter in which direction the cabin is turned and how the vehicle is currently standing or driving – the REVOTRUCK conveys a homogeneous, compact appearance in every position.” This visual coherence was achieved in the design process through the careful balancing of the different volumes and the formal connection of the different areas.

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