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Perfect balance

Robotic capabilities are evolving rapidly, and so is the integration of robots into the immediate human environment. The RIZON 10 is a heavy-duty robot that combines impressive industrial-grade force control with computer vision and AI technologies. As an adaptive robot, it facilitates adaptation to changing environments while providing outstanding intrinsic safety. It also shows a high tolerance to positional variance and can therefore operate largely without interference. It is also capable of automating complex tasks with “hand-eye” coordination, similar to that of a human, which significantly increases productivity. The RIZON 10 offers transferable intelligence, which means it can handle a variety of similar tasks for rapid deployment. As envisioned by its designers, it embodies a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. It features a friendly appearance and can easily fit into changing environments. The warm, open and approachable look of this robot is impressive, as its overall shape is modelled on the physiognomy of the human arm. Following the maxim of an organic form, its design also avoids sharp corners and edges for safety reasons. The surfaces are made of a haptically pleasant aluminium alloy.

Statement by the Jury

The RIZON 10 impresses with a discreet design language and almost seems to offer its services in a friendly and approachable manner. With its perfectly finished aluminium alloy surface, it breaks with the often predominantly industrial look of other robots. Based on the physiognomy of the human arm, the organic design of this robot is in harmony with its highly developed functionality and the far-reaching capabilities achieved thanks to artificial intelligence.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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