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Roland FP-90

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The fast development of touch-sensitive keyboard technology in the 1970’s facilitates the creation of modern digital pianos with authentic playing touch such as Roland EP-30. The recent Roland FP-90 is a contemporary digital piano with an expressively minimalist appearance. It has been designed with the objective of lending it an easy-to-read and easy-to-use interface. The digital piano’s newly designed “light-guiding” lens technology ensures that each button is highly visible, even on dark stages. Elastic coil springs used within each button mechanism mean that they feel very pleasant to the touch when pushed. Another fascinating feature is the design of the speaker system and how it was integrated to fit into the compact dimension of the housing to deliver powerful, high-quality audio. By adopting high-efficiency amplifiers and by fine-tuning the bass reflex port to suit the flat cabinet, a clear and evocative sound is achieved. Another distinctive feature is the slim profile of the keyboard’s end blocks, complementing the elegance of the FP-90. They underline its expressive performance as much as the recessed design, which reveals the wooden sides of the piano keys at each end of the keyboard. The design of the Roland FP-90 digital piano thus manages to bestow sophisticated technology with a timeless, high-quality appearance – an elegant look that also projects onto the musicians on stage.

Statement by the Jury

Adopting a traditional appearance at first glance, this digital piano fascinates with perfect implementation of details. Its outstanding qualities are revealed only at a closer look and when playing it. The fine-tuned, minimalist design delivers musicians a playing comfort that is highly advanced, also in terms of its ergonomics. The Roland FP-90 digital piano fascinates with comfortable key touch sensitivity, complemented by clearly arranged buttons that are also pleasant to the touch.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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