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Innovating Roof Structures

The sight of an increasing number of glinting blue solar panels in residential areas is cause for optimism in view of the need to produce eco-friendly energy. However, most of these retroactively fitted solutions mounted on roofs are not terribly attractive. The Estonian company Roofit Solar Energy has developed a solar module that allows for much more harmonious integration into buildings. The building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solution Roofit.Solar NuClick incorporates solar energy into a robust steel roof in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and architecturally sophisticated. The light, vertical modules are made using monocrystalline high-tech solar cells that perform extremely well even in poor light conditions. These are combined with strong, durable sheet metal. The overall look of the Roofit.Solar NuClick is one of an elegant, black roof with noticeable Scandinavian design influences that will blend in well with both new builds and traditional architecture. The novel click-lock technology allows for quick and easy installation of the roof panels, saving up to 40 per cent of time on the usual fitting methods for metal roofs. Roofers specialising in metal roofs can use standard tools and make the most of the growing market for solar panels without having to invest in additional equipment. Roofit.Solar NuClick is intended for pitched roofs on residential and commercial buildings with a slope of 10 degrees or more. The solar roof is weather resistant, low-maintenance and has a Class A fire rating. Made to last, it has a 40-year lifespan, similar to traditional roofing materials. In short, it offers buildings long-term protection and produces sustainable energy from the very first day. That also won over the jury. “The Roofit.Solar NuClick solar roof represents a major step forward in the use of solar energy in the building sector – technically, functionally and, above all, aesthetically. We felt it was important to honour this project with the highest award and we want to encourage the industry to follow suit. The potential is phenomenal!”

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